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Updated: Aug 2, 2009 by rasbeck
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Release Notes

Readme for Advanced mail queue for Umbraco

Until we can get a proper installation rutine up and running, this is the manual way to set it up.

Please notice that this alpha version only works on a Microsoft SQL Server. !!!

1) Create a new Database called MailQueue
In the context of that database execute first the sql scripts in SqlServer/1Tables.sql, and then the scripts in SqlServer/2StoredProcedures.sql.
This will create the necessary tables and stored procedures.

2) Run the installer in the /ServiceSetup directory
This will install a windows service called MailQueue. This is the service that actually does the sending of mails.

3) Edit the MailQueueProcessingService.exe.config in the MailQueue Service install directory. Change the settings in:
<add name="queue1" connectionString="server=;uid=uid;pwd=pwd;database=MailQueue;" />
to match your database.
*Note that you can create as many MailQueue databases as you want and just add more connection strings to the config file.
*The service will then just go through the queues one at the time, using the settings in each database.
*The settings can be changed in the Settings table.

At this point you can just turn on the service, and then start adding mails to the queue. You can do it manually or use the Stored Procedure usp_AddMailMessage.

If you also want the admin interface in Umbraco, then please follow bullets 4 and 5.

4) Add the admin section to the Umbraco installation
Execute the scripts in UmbracoSql/3_Umbraco.Sql
This defines the application in the umbraco administrative interface.

5) Add admin interface files to the Umbraco directory.
(This should of course be done through a package installer. But for now it is manual.)
The folder /Umbraco holds the files that need to be copied into the umbraco root folder.
Notice that there are two configuration files that you need to add some content to.

5.1) Add connection string to web.config
The file Web.config_changes contains only the change you need to make. You need to add a connection string and make sure it is your connection string.
This will in the future be contained in it's own config file.

5.2) In /config/Dashboard.config you need to add the section defined in /config/Dashboard.config_changes

That's it! You should be good to go... but keep in mind that this is a very early alpha version.

I have published it to get community feedback... and also development help if anyone is interested.

When the package is ready for public consumption it will be published on the Umbraco wiki.

Please leave comments on the codeplex site if you have any.